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platdakonder.jpgplatdakboven.jpgThere are already a lot of edge protection systems for flat roofs on the market, but this system distinguishes itself through its simplicity. It is light and easy to assemble.

The RSS system for flat roofs is certified to European standard EN 13374 Class A.

A-blad Flat Roofs
The A-blad covering flat roofs comprises agreements made to limit the exposure of roofers working on flat roofs to the risk of falls. Here it strongly recommends fencing systems (complete protection) rather than individual protection. Look at the flowcharts shown in the A-blad. The Dutch Labour Inspectorate (Arbeidsinspectie) strictly controls compliance with them. The flowcharts show that a fencing system is mandatory in very many cases.

This RSS system is a solution based on the Dutch regulations (A-blad) on flat roofs.

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