Gommers saves costs with RSS

The Netherlands – Nijmegen | Gommers Dakwerken has started a gigantic project of +/- 7,500 m2 surrounding a student house. In the context of the legal fall protection, Gommers is obliged to protect its personnel against possible risks. “We first considered installing scaffolding. That is what we have been doing for years, ”says René Gommers, director of Gommers Dakwerken. “If we were to install scaffolding, we should have placed 860 meters of scaffolding. In addition, so many scaffolding also provides easy access to burglars. Our customer read on the internet about an innovative fall protection system. This offered a great outcome for both the customer and us. ”

Initially, Roof Safety Systems gave a no-obligation demonstration to Gommers and the customer. “RSS placed a ‘test’ installation of 12 m free of charge and without obligation,” says René Gommers. “That says something about the confidence in the product and the quality. That immediately gave us the confidence to do business with them. Above all, the product also worked very well. It was easy to install and the staff liked to work with it. ”

After a positive test phase, Gommers started calculating. “We included all costs in the calculation, including installation and disassembly. In total it saved us more than 30% in costs for the project in Nijmegen. That is why we purchased 60 m of roof edge protection. A one-off investment that we will also use in future projects. ”