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Configurator – Flat Roof

How many meters of roof edge protection do you need?

The RSS roof edge protection for flat roofs consists of stanchions, fences (4 m) and
ballast blocks. NB: each successive section provides 3.5 m extra fall protection due to
overlap of the fences.

How many corner protections do you want to attach?

When you place roof edge protection on different sides of the RSS roof fall protection, it is possible to connect the two adjacent sides with two corner protections.
connect the two adjacent sides with two corner guards

How many PPE do you need?

Before you can get started with our collective fall protection system, you will first have to personally protect yourself against the risk of falling. For this reason RSS has 'safety sets' in its range. After montaging our system, in the most situations you no longer need to be on a leash and you can work freely and safely at heights.
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