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RSS Roof Rental

RSS Roof Rentals ..... for large projects

The RSS Roof systems have major advantages over traditional scaffolding construction. In addition to the costs, which are many times lower than renting scaffolding equipment, RSS Roof Systems distinguish among others:
  • simplicity assembly
  • no anchoring to the building required
  • no damage to the garden
  • can be set up by one person without tools

For large projects you can, for example, at RSS Roof Rentals transport stands, with everyone’s 30 meters of roof edge protection for sloping roofs and per 40 meters for flat roofs.

The minimum rental period is 2 weeks. See our rental conditions.

Call or mail us

Contact us. You can reach us at:

+31 (0) 85 782 16 02

RSS Roof transport frame

Do you need a large project and more than 30 meters of roof edge protection? RSS Roof has developed a special rack for this The RSS Roof transport and storage frame makes it easy, efficient and safe to transport and store the fall protection system for sloping roofs.

The frame offers space for 30 linear meters of fall protection and offers space for: 11 uprights 10 fences of 3 meters wide 10 toe boards of 3 meters wide 10 hook brackets

Transport and storage frame characteristics

Full transport and storage frame dimensions: 2.1 m (H) x 3.0 m (W) x 1.0 m (D)
Net weight of transport and storage frame: approx. 105 kg
Weight full transport and storage frame: approx. 370 kg
Special opening for forklift
Easy to place and transport on a trailer

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