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Roof edge protection


Roof edge protection

RSS roof edge protection

Need temporary roof edge protection? RSS Roof has been producing high-quality aluminum roof edge protection for years. In our range we have roof edge protection for flat and pitched roofs, approved for all classes of roofs. The products are light and very quick to assemble. Where previously scaffolding was used, the RSS sloping roof system is now chosen. It is buildable by one person. Moreover, no anchoring to the building is required and the garden is not damaged either. But above all; Working safely on the roof has never been easier.

Discover all the benefits of RSS roof edge protection. For more information, see the “Products” page.

Why choose RSS?

■ Work safely and quickly

■ High-quality products

■ Quick and easy to (dis)assemble systems

■ Occupational health and safety approved

work Safe, save time

Our products were developed by former roofer Jan Bakker. Together with an engineer, he has further developed the products so that they meet the highest possible certification.

Both the sloped and flat roof edge protection from RSS are lightweight, making them easy to transport. In addition, our roof edge protection systems consist of as few components as possible, which means that construction and dismantling can be done quickly. It has never been easier to get up on the roof quickly and safely.

ABOMA tested and certified

Our products are periodically inspected by the ABOMA inspection body. As a result, our pitched and flat roof systems both have EN13374 + A1 2019 certification. Our roof edge protection for flat roofs meets the requirements for a roof pitch of class A (up to 10°). Our sloping roof edge protection can be used up to an angle of inclination of no less than 60° (class C).

For certain projects, your client may ask for this information. Our certificates can therefore be downloaded via the documentation page.

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