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Flat roof Compact system


The RSS flat roof Compact system (60 cm) is a recently developed collective flat roof edge protection system, which distinguishes itself by efficiency, user-friendliness and competitive pricing.

The new RSS system is easy to assemble by one individual and takes up little space on the roof because the upright is only 60 cm long. In addition, the Compact system consists of only three parts, making it easy and quick to assemble.

The upright is held in place by placing a counterweight on either side. Next, the fencing is hung in the upright and secured by the clamping hooks.

The flat roof Compact system is also available in combination with a top-notch transport frame suitable for up to 40 metres. This simplifies storage and transport of the Compact system.

The new RSS Compact system is also compatible with the old RSS flat roof system. Therefore, you can easily use both systems, and link them together.

The RSS Roof flat roof system meets the lifting standard and is certified by Aboma according to the
European standard EN13374 + A1 2019 (class A)

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