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Sloping roof

RSS Roof edge protection sloping roof

RSS fall protection for sloping roofs is one patented system and meets the safety requirements according to the European standard EN 13374 + A1 2019 class C. The RSS sloping roof system consists of four different parts.

How it works

The upright is hung in the gutter and rests on the facade. Then the fence and the toeboard are placed.

Depending on the type of roof, the hook brackets may also need to be used. For installation, see the comprehensive manual and documentation.


The RSS Roof edge protection system for pitched roofs exists
only four parts!

Applicable in many situations

■ Sloping roofs

■ Can also be used for flat roofs

■ Wide and narrow eaves, mast holes and gutters

■ Reversible fence

■ Can even be used for obstacles on the ground or in the facade

■ Upright adjustable in height

■ Quick and easy to (dis) assemble


■ High-quality aluminum, very light

■ Even with an eaves with an overhang applicable up to 1 meter

■ No loose parts

■ Quick and easy to move

■ No damage to facades and gardens

■ Easy conversion to more or less meters

■ Stackable during transport

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