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RSS Roof Shelter


Roof Shelter

THE RSS Roof Shelter

RSS Roof Shelter is a edge protection system for the gable end of sloping roofs and can also be applied to flat roofs. The RSS Roof Shelter system is made of lightweight aluminum and is manufactured and designed in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the RSS Roof Shelter is TÜV certified and complies with the EN 13374 standard.


■ Multifunctional application; suitable for flat and sloping roofs

■ Complies with EN 13374 standard

■ Certified by TÜV

■ Safe and quick access to the roof

■ Can be used together with the original RSS system

■ Maximum extension with 2 and 3-meter fences

■ Easy transportation and storage with the custom-made transport frame

Together with the original RSS sloping roof system, you can fully equip a building with collective roof edge protection. Complete fall protection in accordance with the highest European standards!

Suitable for sloping roofs

With the RSS Roof Shelter, you can provide complete gable end protection for roof slopes ranging from 10 to 60 degrees. The long sides of the roof can be protected with our standardized RSS sloping roof system. In short, complete protection on sloping roofs with RSS; that’s working safely!

Suitable for flat roofs

Collective fall protection for flat roofs through the use of concrete blocks. Applicable to various types of roofs such as corrugated sheets and sandwich panels. Easily placed on the roof using the transport/lifting frame. Quickly and safely provide the flat roof with RSS collective fall protection.