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Base Plate


Base plate

RSS Roof base plate Extension for Sloping Roofs

Perfect for Collective Protection on Sloping Roofs

Before the temporary roof edge protection system from RSS Roof is installed, it is important to ensure that the gutter is sufficiently strong. The RSS Safety Foot Plate enables the use of the RSS system even with non-load-bearing roof edge constructions and gutters, securely screwed onto the load-bearing roof structure.

The RSS Roof Foot Plate serves as an additional effective fall protection measure in cases of insufficient load-bearing capacity of the gutter on sloping roofs. It is designed as a complement to the RSS Roof fall protection system for sloping roofs and can be used as a separate accessory along with the upright (101-EU) for sloping roofs.


■ Enhanced gutter strength for secure installation

■ Enables RSS system use with non-load-bearing gutters

■ Ensures stability on load-bearing roof structures

■ Complements RSS Roof fall protection system

■ Enhances safety on roofs with insufficient gutter support

■ Versatile accessory for various roof configurations