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Roof fall protection


Roof fall protection

Working safely at height is a choice

The Netherlands is known for its many rules. The rules for preventing the risk of falling are included in the Working Conditions Decree. Chapter 3 of this decree deals with the organization of workplaces. If, as a construction or DIY company, you do not yet have personnel regulations, the Working Conditions Decree may be a good source of inspiration. For example, the workplace must be clean and tidy. Article 3.16 of the Decree focuses specifically on preventing the risk of falling. The article suggests a number of solutions and facilities for providing workplaces with a fence. If this is not (sufficiently) possible, the option is offered to work with nets or on a leash, whereby – if possible – collective protection should be chosen over individual protection.

WHICH fall protection?

If you have to work at a height of 2.5 meters or higher, you must take measures in advance to prevent the risk of falling. There are several ways to achieve this. In practice, for example, collective fall protection such as scaffolding, fall nets and fencing are used as roof edge protection. The advantage of these fall protection systems is that no individual fall protection equipment (PPE) is required when used correctly. Personal protective equipment for working at height consists of three main components; the harness, a suitable anchor point and, of course, the correct means of connection between the safety harness and the anchor point.

When working at heights at the same location more often, a permanent solution is obvious. However, not every situation lends itself to this and a correct, well-considered choice must be made for each situation. This choice must then be recorded in an RI&E (risk inventory).

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temporary collective fall protection rSS

RSS Roof’s roof edge protection for sloping and flat roofs are both collective fall protection that meet the highest classification according to the EN 13374 standard. With the correct application of this roof edge protection, you can work safely without PPE.